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Leadership at Agoge Systems: Pioneers in Sustainable IT Solutions 

Leadership: The Pillars of Agoge Systems 

At Agoge Systems, our leadership team embodies our commitment to delivering top-tier IT solutions, while always keeping an eye on a sustainable future. They're not just leaders; they're innovators, strategists, and pioneers, helping to chart a course for both our clients and the industry at large. 

Raj Dubbaka

CEO, Agoge Systems

An esteemed alumnus of Georgia Tech's MBA program, Raj Dubbaka is the visionary spearheading Agoge Systems' strategic direction and operational excellence. With a seasoned background spanning health & safety, insurance, and manufacturing IT projects, Raj seamlessly combines deep technical acumen with an entrepreneur's instinctive foresight. 

His core expertise encompasses enterprise software solutions, cloud technologies, and sustainability, driving Agoge Systems to consistently meet client needs with innovation and agility. Always client-focused, Raj ensures that every solution delivered is both cutting-edge and tailored to address specific business intricacies. 

Venturing beyond the confines of traditional IT leadership, Raj has a commendable track record in product development, marketing, and strategic operations. His passion for nurturing startups and products that resonate with value to businesses, the environment, and society speaks volumes about his broader vision for a technologically advanced and sustainable future. 

Ramesh Boddu

Vice President, Agoge Systems

Boasting an MBA from May's Business School at Texas A&M University and amassing over two decades in IT, Ramesh has become an instrumental force in Agoge Systems' pursuit of innovation and sustainable growth. He excels in guiding clients through their digital transformation journeys on the SAP platform, specializing in areas such as EHS, Sustainability, Chemical Compliance, PLM, Procurement, and Logistics. His profound expertise is further enriched by his dedication to sustainable practices, a commitment reflected in his studies at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).


Beyond the realm of IT, Ramesh has made significant strides in the startup ecosystem, offering strategic guidance to budding tech firms in areas like investor relations and business development. 

The journey of Agoge Systems is a blend of purposeful innovation and unwavering commitment. While our visible leaders chart the path forward, it's crucial to recognize the collective strength of the entire team.


Behind the scenes, a talented group of professionals contribute tirelessly, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological advancements.


Their dedication and hard work align perfectly with our mission: Empowering businesses with digital transformation and sustainable practices for a thriving, responsible future. Together, as one cohesive unit, we stride towards making this mission a reality every day.

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